TRUTH is the school motto. This is the English translation of “Veritas” which is the motto for all Dominican schools.

This motto reminds us to be Truth seekers in all we do. “Be true to ourselves, Be true to others and most importantly be true to God”.


The black and white shield is the Dominican shield. While it’s medieval in style it is our link with the past. It evokes the timeless message of St Paul: “At all times carry faith as a shield” (Eph6:16) as well as the assurance of the psalmist: “His Truth shall be your shield” (Psalm91:4).

The centrality of the Cross on the crest, together with the symbolism of the black and white, provide a focus and inspiration for the Christian student. White, traditionally the Risen Christ, however the black and white together symbolised humility and purity of life, hence the traditional black and white of the Dominicans.

The Cross beams culminate in the favourite floral symbol, the fleur de lys – a lily composed of three petals bound together at their bases by the line of the cross representing a community centred in Christ.

The crown on the top of the crest represents Christ the King. Christ the King Primary School Mayfield West (after its closure) joined with St Columban’s in 1995. The red is the colour of sacrifice and service.

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