St Columban’s aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. We aim to instil in students, a strong sense of social justice through the service of others.


Students from Year 5 are all eligible to become school leaders for the following year. At the conclusion of their leadership training program in Term 4, all students nominate to be part of a leadership team for the following year. Our school Student Leadership Framework supports our vision of “Empowering all to reach their full potential” by providing all Year 6 students with the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities in the school. At St Columban’s student leadership is driven by service to others and nourished by the Dominican Pillars of Service, Prayer, Study and Community. Within the context of Catholic Social Justice Teaching students are taught to apply their learning of See-Judge-Act to real world situations.   

The leaders perform a number of ceremonial roles on special occasions. They meet and liaise often with their mentor teacher. The leaders are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful, safe and ready to learn at all times.

They have responsibility for the care of sports equipment, maintaining house enthusiasm in sporting activities, representing the school at community functions as well as school-based activities.

The leaders see a major part of their role to be problem solvers and forward thinkers. The leaders run the Mission Day activities throughout the year and other social justice initiatives as they present.